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14.10.2022 16:17
Registering your company Antworten

Once the preliminary steps have been completed and all relevant decisions have been made, it is time to start registering the company. This process varies greatly by jurisdiction, so we can only provide general guidelines here.

First, contact your lawyers and start drafting the necessary documents. Most incorporation documents should be signed in front of a notary public, with signatures notarized (and apostilled if necessary). Document creation usually takes between one and five days. Also remember that the initial deposits into the company's equity must be made before filing the documents with the commercial register. Banks usually open a temporary bank account solely for the purpose of depositing equity.

After all documents are created and signed, they must be filed with the local trade register. The business register examines the documents to determine whether they comply with national laws and regulations and to ensure that the proposed shareholders and directors are free from registered restrictions. Company registration usually takes between three and 14 days, depending on the country.

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